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  • BagMixer 400 P Interscience - Lab Blender - BagMixer 400P

BagMixer 400 P Interscience - Lab Blender - BagMixer 400P

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01 / 04 / 2024
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Laboratorium Ins merupakan Distributor Resmi di Indonesia untuk berbagai produk dari berbagai merk peralatan laboratorium.

Kami menjual alat laboratorium dengan kualitas barang yang sangat baik, harga yang sangat kompetitif dan pelayanan purna jual yang terjamin.

Detail BagMixer 400 P Interscience - Lab Blender - BagMixer 400P

Stomacher Bagmixer 400P Interscience

The BagMixer® lab blender guarantees optimal extraction by the action of its two paddles. Adapted to any sample (food, agricultural, chemical, medical, environmental) to be analyzed between 50 ml and 400 mL, it guarantees homogenization in 30 to 60 seconds.


Optimal analysis with the sterile BagFilter®
In compliance with ISO 7218 standard
Made in France by interscience
Easy cleaning

All stainless steel
Door opens at 270°
Removable Click & Clean® paddles
Brushless Motor

No wearing parts
- 50% power consumption
Extra silent

The handle closes the blender and starts the blending
Q-Tight®: no leaks from the top of the bag
Security drip tray
Click & Clean® Removable Paddles

Remove the paddles and easily clean the blending chamber
Adjustable blending power
Up to 28 kg of pressure: the hardest samples don’t resist! e.g.: nuts, pills, seeds, dog biscuits etc.
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