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Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyzer

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21 / 03 / 2024
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Rp. 1.234
Laboratorium Ins merupakan Distributor Resmi di Indonesia untuk berbagai produk dari berbagai merk peralatan laboratorium.

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Detail Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyzer

The Brookfield CT-3 Texture Analyzer is a powerful universal testing machine that offers both compression and tensile testing at a much lower price than other testers in its class.

The CT3 can calculate, through compression and tensile data, a number of physical properties that have proven to be highly correlated to human sensory evaluation of food and other consumer products.

With six built-in test modes and ten memory slots for operator-protected tests with administrator rights, a wide choice of accessories and an optional software package, the CT-3 is perfect for most any physical testing requirements.

The CT3 performs like a high end texture analyzer but at a fraction of the cost. Its uses can expand with your applications - or your testing imagination!

The CT3's easy-to-operate design will have your R&D and QC up and running in no time.

Choice of five load ranges up to 50kg

A variety of probes and accessories for new application opportunities

Choice of two adjustable base tables allows for for versatility of sample testing

Six available test modes plus a calibration check

Stores up to 10 additional customized test methods

Easy-to-read display and easy-to-use, intuitive controls

Provides a "real life" insight into physical properties

21CFR compliant with optional TexturePro CT software

Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) specific for the Food Industry

USB and RS232 outputs

Conforms fully with GME and GMIA monograms for gelatin Bloom assessment; includes built-in Bloom Test function

Gelatin Bath System available for sample conditioning

Easiest-to-use Texture Analyzer in its class

Supplied with Texture Loader software to allow creation of up to 10 customized tests

Can be used with optional software, TexturePro CT, to easily create custom reports and graphs.
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