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Brookfield CTX Texture Analyzer

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21 / 03 / 2024
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Detail Brookfield CTX Texture Analyzer

The CTX Texture Analyzer is AMETEK Brookfield's new advanced model for the compression/tension testing of materials. It brings an exciting new dimension of quick, efficient testing to busy labs that need to improve productivity while maintaining quality.

The CTX usability features allow for easy set up to get you up and running quickly. Whether you are testing the consistency of pills and tablets, the peel ability of a yogurt lid, or the tensile strength of lipstick, our new CTX will meet your ever-growing testing needs.

The addition of TexturePro Software makes the CTX ideal for R&D labs performing material evaluation/character­ization tests. It also is great in QC applications where data can be sent or saved in multiple formats.

Provides a "real life" insight into physical properties.

Interchangeable load cells for optimal flexibility (eight choices ranging from 100g to 100kg).

Easy-to-read display and easy-to-use intuitive controls.

Extended boom travels up to 280mm for longer reach testing.

High Precision: 500 Hz data output rate captures the precise moment there is a change to your sample.

The choice of three adjustable base tables allows for the versatility of sample testing.

21CFR compliant with optional TexturePro Software.

The CTX has a wide variety of probes, fixtures for testing broad categories of packaging materials, foods of all types, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical devices. AMETEK Brookfield can also custom design a fixture and probe for most applications.

TexturePro Software
Temperature Probe
Bubble Level
Calibration Weight Set
Gelatin Bath System for gel conditioning Bloom Jar - industry approved

CTX has a variety of probes and fixtures for testing various packaging materials, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and mechanical equipment; it can also customize fixtures and probes for most applications.
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