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  • Brookfield Helipath Stand for Measurement of Non-Flowing Substances

Brookfield Helipath Stand For Measurement Of Non-Flowing Substances

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04 / 06 / 2024
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Laboratorium Ins merupakan Distributor Resmi di Indonesia untuk berbagai produk dari berbagai merk peralatan laboratorium.

Kami menjual alat laboratorium dengan kualitas barang yang sangat baik, harga yang sangat kompetitif dan pelayanan purna jual yang terjamin.

Detail Brookfield Helipath Stand For Measurement Of Non-Flowing Substances

The Helipath Stand is designed for measurement of non-flowing substances such as gels, pastes, creams and putty using a T-bar shaped spindle.

The Brookfield Helipath™ Stand, when used with a suitable Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer fitted with a special T-bar type spindle, will permit viscosity/consistency measurements in relative centipoise values for materials having characteristics similar to paste, putty, cream, gelatin, or wax.

Many substances, because of the nature of their yield values, have been considered unsuitable for viscosity or consistency measurements with rotational viscometers. Any rotating spindle, be it cylinder, disc, or paddle, will create a channel in such substances and after a very short time exert a negligible and meaningless torque on any sensing device. This effect also occurs with materials that have a gel structure.
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