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HI97706 / HI 97706 Phosphorus Portable Photometer

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29 / 04 / 2024
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Laboratorium Ins merupakan Distributor Resmi di Indonesia untuk berbagai produk dari berbagai merk peralatan laboratorium.

Kami menjual alat laboratorium dengan kualitas barang yang sangat baik, harga yang sangat kompetitif dan pelayanan purna jual yang terjamin.

Detail HI97706 / HI 97706 Phosphorus Portable Photometer

HI97706 / HI 97706 Phosphorus Portable Photometer

Phosphorus is an essential element for plant and animal growth commonly found in natural water systems, such as lakes, oceans, and soil. However, large concentrations of Phosphorus cause excessive microorganism and algae growth and corrosive to piping in high concentrations.

The HI97706 uses an adaptation of the Standard Method for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd edition, amino acid method to measure phosphorus concentrations of up to 15.0 mg/L (ppm). When the reagent is added to samples containing Phosphorus, the sample turns a blue hue; the greater the concentration of phosphorus, the deeper the color. The associated change is colorimetrically analyzed according to the Beer-Lambert Law which states that light is absorbed by a complementary color, and the emitted radiation is dependent upon concentration. For Phosphorus determination, a narrow band interference filter at 525 nm allows only green light to be emitted and passed through the sample cuvette. As the change in color of the reacted sample increases, absorbance of the specific wavelength of light also increases, and transmittance decreases.
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